Health economics for non-economists

Lieven Annemans
Paperback met flappen
ISBN 978-94-6337-113-1
Health economics for non-economists Lieven Annemans
Paperback met flappen
ISBN 978-94-6337-113-1
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The goal of this book is to make the reader familiar with the principles and methods of health economics evaluations.

Health economics is about making wise investments in health and healthcare. Health economics evaluations are a particular domain of health economics. They help to make choices and to give priority to interventions (for prevention, diagnosis, cure or care) which result in the greatest amount of health per invested unit of money.

The results of health economics evaluations are increasingly published in scientific journals, presented at congresses and used in policy making. This book helps all stakeholders in health and healthcare to understand the methods and interpret the results of these evaluations. After a successful first edition (2008) this second edition provides several recent examples, explains the relationship between health economics evaluations and health technology assessment (HTA), and focusses especially on the pitfalls of health economics evaluations and how to overcome these. Knowledge about economics is not required.

Over de auteur

Over de auteur

Lieven Annemans (1964) is a Senior Professor of Health Economics at the Faculty of Medicine of Ghent University (Belgium) with more than twenty years of experience in international health economics research.
He is Past President of the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR), and published >300 papers and four books on health economics and health technology assessment (HTA). He is well known in the international healthcare setting for his entertaining and didactic lectures and training courses on health economics evaluations and HTA. 



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Auteur(s)Lieven Annemans
Cover typePaperback met flappen
Formaat150 x 230
Aantal pagina's136
Geplande publicatiedatum15 mei 2018


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