The Leader's Clothes

Koen Marichal, Jesse Segers
Paperback met flappen
ISBN 978-94-6337-101-8
The Leader's Clothes Koen Marichal, Jesse Segers
Paperback met flappen
ISBN 978-94-6337-101-8
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As a social phenomenon, leadership is not a fixed given. It is not something you can acquire once and for all. Leadership is what turns people into a group and gives them direction, meaning and support.  The nature of leadership is variable, depending on the context, the challenges and the people involved. The Leader's Clothes is a book about the real meaning of leadership, but also about the perception, roles, responsibilities, convictions and motivation of the leader.

You are only a leader if that's how other people see you. This is not the same as occupying a leading position or exercising power.  Leadership does not have a job description. At the same time, it is very much a personal choice: you have to want to be a leader. Once more and more people start making this choice, teams, organizations and society will gradually develop more and better leadership. This is a process this book seeks to encourage.

The authors bring together the testimonies of leaders who are all meaningful for their organizations. They combine these testimonies with the latest scientific research to arrive at 19 key insights into leadership. The Leader's Clothes encourages reflection, discussion and choice. In short, it serves as an inspiration to take action for more leadership.

Over de auteurs

Over de auteurs

Koen Marichal is adjunct-professor at Antwerp Management School and has more than 20 years of HRM experience in different organizations.

Jesse Segers is the associate dean of education and a professor of leadership and organizational behaviour at Antwerp Management School. He is also a visiting professor at several foreign academic institutions.

Together they lead the Future Leadership Initiative of Antwerp Management School, which researches and develops the leadership of people and organizations.


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Auteur(s)Jesse Segers, Koen Marichal
Cover typePaperback met flappen
Formaat15 X 23
Aantal pagina's288
Geplande publicatiedatum23 okt. 2017


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